The fastest way to split the iPad keyboard

You have all seen the famous demo of the iPad where Steve Jobs showed how the keyboard could be split. You had to touch the bottom right keypad on the keyboard and select “Split”. Yes, that was the first way the keyboard could be split.

On that menu you also have a command to “undock” the keyboard so that it can be moved to any position you like. When Steve Jobs demoed it, he showed the split keyboard moving so that you could hold it with your hand any where and type with your thumbs. But did you know that you can undock the full size keyboard and move it anywhere as well? Yes you can.

Coming back to the split, choosing from the menu is not the coolest way to split the keyboard!

Pinch and zoom to split

The way I recommend is to pinch and zoom as I show in these series of photos. You can pinch anywhere on the keyboard and zoom it out. The keyboard will become smaller in a jiffy. To make it come back to the normal size you can grab the pieces with two fingers and pull them together. You can also drag the keyboard around by touching the “grab handles” and dragging.



Bring it back together


Bring it back together

Undock it


Drag it around

Drag aroundDrag around