Quick, I want to take a picture with my iPhone

Now it is easy and fast to take a photo from your iPhone. The camera app is accessible right from your lock screen! Just touch the camera icon and drag your finger to the top. It will fee like you are opening the camera.

Here’s another tip. Once you have the camera open, and you turn it to landscape mode, try to make the volume buttons be on the top right. This way you dont have to fiddle with trying to touch the “shoot” button on the screen. You can just press one of the volume buttons to click – just like a regular camera.

Many people think that only the volume-up button works. Not true. Both the buttons work.

Do you want to place the camera on a solid surface to avoid jitter and shake? No problem, you can connect your headphones and remotely click the camera without shaking it by pressing the mike on your head phones.

And finally while we are still on the topic of the lock screen… Almost all of us who put a picture of a loved one on the home screen use one where they are smiling or otherwise exhibiting joy. Try one where they are not smiling. If you love them, the picture will look really cute.

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  1. Marisha

    iPhone is a good phone. It revolutionised the industry, but what is REALLY different from the iphone 1? Not a massive amount. It’s time to move on. Android is catching up. And Blackberry is still the best business phone out there. Thanks for the post. Cheers, @Marisha
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