iPad 3 vs iPad 4. The new iPad vs the iPad with Retina Display

The “Retina display” has become a new mantra for Apple, reintroducing the same product with a few changes. One of which may or may not be a change in the display.

In the case of the “new fourth generation iPad” there are very few differences. Compared to the iPad 3 (the new iPad) introduced just 7 months earlier, here are some of the significant changes and non-changes.

Display resolution: unchanged

Connector: 30 pin standard to the new lightning connector (8 pin reversible)

Core chip: A5X updated to A6X

Graphics core: Dual core to Quad core

Battery power: unchanged

Pricing: unchanged

Cellular: “4G” upgraded to LTE

So it is essentially the same iPad, with an updated chip and the new connector.