How to Pre-Order the new iPad. Step by Step Instructions

If you tried already and did not succeed, don’t give up. No, it is not easy to order it. Some times it can appear that it is easy. But you will definitely run into problems – simply because too many people are trying and the server cannot keep up with the demand. But persistence pays off.

Without further ado, here is what you can do to get from



First go to the Apple Store website. Go ahead and click on that link, it will open in a new window or tab.
Click on the big blue “Pre-order” button

Choose a color by clicking on one of the iPads. In this example I have selected white.

You will notice in the summary box off to the right, that nothing is showing up yet. That is because you have not selected the capacity of the iPad.

Scroll down to step 2 and choose one of the models. If you choose an wifi-only model as in the example below

The summary will update to show the price of the selected device, like this picture below.

If you decide to choose a model with wifi + 4G as in the example below, the summary box will still be empty, because you still have one more step – choosing the carrier.

Note that for these three models, the delivery date is not shown. Yesterday they were all showing “Delivers on March 16”. Now it cannot because they have run out of AT&T models and need to supplement them from China. The earliest they can start shipping them would be on March 19 as you will see in the next step. (Tip for those who are going to be fast. The ships by March 19 is only for the 64GB and 16GB models. The 32 GB model still delivers on March 16)

Notice that verizion models still will be delivered on March 16, but AT&T models can start shipping only on March 19. They guarantee a five day shipping. But if you live in the Bay Area, my experience has been that they usually deliver the next day after shipping.

If you need the device fast, choose Verizon, but note that if you plan to use only less than 250MB per month, only AT&T has a plan for that. For five buck more though, Verizon has a 1GB plan. Think and choose wisely here. You can look at your iPhone data plan usage to determine how much you will need.

Here is a comparison of the plans.

Read the fine text – the AT&T wifi at Starbucks will probably get charged to the 4G. Remember to turn it off when you get there if that is the case.

Continuing with the purchase…

Now the Summary box is ready for you to “Continue”

This is your opportunity to add accessories and spend even more money. If you live near an Apple Store like I do, I would skip this step and buy stuff from the Apple Store at your leisure.

If you plan to make this a gift to your spouse or child, remember to engrave. It is free and available only online. I think engraved iPads are not returnable. Be warned.

The text cannot be too wide. There is no limit on the number of characters. But “mama” with four letters takes up just as much space as “banana” with six letters. It will tell you if your message is too wide.

You are almost ready to “Checkout” now. You can add a free gift message if you want. The box will have a red ribbon on it. When you check out, taxes will be added depending on your deliver address. A $6 recycling fee will be added.

Click on “Check Out Now”, login with your iTunes account, enter your credit card information, and place the order. Make sure someone is at home on Friday so you don’t lose the item to thieves.

Good luck!



Want to see all the error messages I got trying to order it? I tried on three different browsers, and finally bought it with the Apple Store App on my phone. I could not get the gift message to work – so I wont have a red ribbon. Check out this blog post. You have to wait to pre-order the new iPad.


After successful completion, it will tell you that you will receive an email. It could take several hours for the email to arrive. Just make sure you write down the order confirmation number. If you try to call 1-800-MY-APPLE, you will just waste time while all their call center people stay busy.