How to free up some space on your iPhone in a pinch (works for iPad too)

You can find out how much space you have left on the phone if you follow these steps in the post called “How to find the available free space on your iPhone or iPad“. Once you have determined that you are low on space using that method, you can free up space by deleting large space consuming apps that you no longer need or use. Here’s how to do it.

Find the Settings App on your iPhone or iPad. It us usually on the home page. Launch it.


Find the row called “General” and tap on it.


In the new screen, tap on “Usage”.


The phone will now start assimilating all the information it needs to help you clear up space. While it is loading the data in the red box below, you can see how much space is available and used on your phone – in the picture below they are in the green boxes.

You can also see how much space you have on iCloud – highlighted in the blue box below.


In a few seconds, the phone will be ready to show you a sorted list of the apps. The apps occupying the most space will be right on top. As you can see from my screenshot, I have both Real Racing 3 and Real Racing 2. Let’s say I don’t need RR2. It is taking up 1GB of space. I would delete it.


So you determine the app (or any number of apps) that you don’t need and tap on it. In the following page you will get the option to delete the app. Delete the ones you don’t need.



You will not see the freed up space immediately. Free space will slowly increase over several minutes, but you will get it all back.

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