How can I take a screenshot of what is on the iPhone screen?

There are times when you want to take a snapshot of what you see on the screen. One example of where I do it is when an app gives me a confirmation number for a deposit, for example. If the message is in a dialog box, you cannot copy and paste the confirmation number. A screenshot is the best you can do in such a situation.

To take a screenshot, press the “On/Off button” and the “Home button” at the same time. The image on the screen will be stored in your “Photos” app’s default album called “Camera Roll”.

Some uses of the screen shot feature:

  1. My son has used the screen shot feature to capture the fleeting image of the Eagle in Angry Birds.
  2. I have used it to capture the text in dialog boxes and error messages.
  3. Take a snap shot of something interesting and transient on the screen. Like the date or time 12:34.
This works on iPad and iPhone Touch as well.


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