How can I create and use shortcuts for phrases I frequently use?

Last week my cousin Georgy told me, “I love my iPhone and all its features, but I miss a feature that I had on my older simpler phones. On them I was able to use shortcuts when I was texting and they would get expanded automatically to the right phrases.”

I’ll take this opportunity to show how you can set up shortcuts on the iPhone, like I showed Georgy. By default the only shortcut is ‘omw’ for ‘on my way’. But you can create shortcuts for just about any phrase you want. The next time you type the short code for the phrase, auto-complete will suggest it to you. And you are on your way.

This is how you set it up.

Start your Settings app. Tap “General”. Tap “Keyboard”. Tap “Shortcuts”. Tap the “+” sign. Now enter your Phrase and shortcut. In this example I have entered “Kaiser Permanente” and “kp”. So the next time I type kp anywhere in my phone, the auto suggest engine will show “Kaiser Permanente”.