Clock and time related commands for Siri

The magic of Siri is that you don’t have to know what to say. You don’t have to say specific commands. You can say what is natural and Siri will understand – to a large extent. Here are some things I said to Siri and she understood.

Set an alarm for 8:30 AM.

Set a timer for two minutes.

What is the time in London now?

Siri cannot work with the stopwatch, however.

Here’s her response to “Could you please reset the stopwatch?” BTW, I also got her to get the words right another time, but she still could not help with the stopwatch.

Like I said, Siri understand almost everything. For those who say she does not recognize your words – remember tihs: it works for me because I need it to work.



  1. Free-Fax

    Thanks for the tip! I’ve been having a couple of problems with my Siri, nothing big though. Who do you think is better, Siri or S-Voice?

    1. JohnVarghese

       @Free-Fax I haven’t used S-Voice, so I cannot know. I downloaded the new iOS and Siri sounds a bit subdued in it – almost like she has a cold. May be it is because they want Siri to sound differently on a beta version.

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