Ask Me How to Do Something on the iPhone and I Will Show You

The iPhone 4sThis begins another journey to give back to the world. I have used the iPhone for a while now. During these years, I have come to know several tricks to make efficient use of the iPhone. Many of these tricks I learned by accident because there was no manual. Many others I learned from friends who were willing to share.

In this blog, which I hope will be a vlog, I will post videos of how to do each action to improve your experience with the iPhone. There is a lot to cover. I plan to have a separate video for each tip and trick. Each video may only be a minute long. As much as possible I will try to create the videos in 1080P resolution so that you can enjoy it on your HD TV or on your iPhone just as easily.

This will be a two-way street. I will start with the tricks I know. If you ask a question in the comments I will answer it. If it requires a new video, I will create a new entry for the benefit of everyone. I will host the videos on YouTube and embed them here.

Wish me luck.