How to free up some space on your iPhone in a pinch (works for iPad too)

You can find out how much space you have left on the phone if you follow these steps in the post called “How to find the available free space on your iPhone or iPad“. Once you have determined that you are low on space using that method, you can free up space by deleting large space consuming apps that you no longer need or use. Here’s how to do it.

Find the Settings App on your iPhone or iPad. It us usually on the home page. Launch it.


Find the row called “General” and tap on it.


In the new screen, tap on “Usage”.


The phone will now start assimilating all the information it needs to help you clear up space. While it is loading the data in the red box below, you can see how much space is available and used on your phone – in the picture below they are in the green boxes.

You can also see how much space you have on iCloud – highlighted in the blue box below.


In a few seconds, the phone will be ready to show you a sorted list of the apps. The apps occupying the most space will be right on top. As you can see from my screenshot, I have both Real Racing 3 and Real Racing 2. Let’s say I don’t need RR2. It is taking up 1GB of space. I would delete it.


So you determine the app (or any number of apps) that you don’t need and tap on it. In the following page you will get the option to delete the app. Delete the ones you don’t need.


You will not see the freed up space immediately. Free space will slowly increase over several minutes, but you will get it all back.

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Five advantages of the iPad Mini over the full size iPad

  1. You can easily hold it with one hand, placing your fingers on both edges. Even my 10 year old can. (Of course, you can also hold the iPad with one hand, but just on one side.)
  2. You can easily carry it in your purse. It even feels much lighter.
  3. You can type more easily on the mini.
  4. You can use the iPhone 5’s lightning connector.
  5. Your little children can play with it much more comfortably.

Parts of the iPhone – what each button and socket means

iPad 3 vs iPad 4. The new iPad vs the iPad with Retina Display

The “Retina display” has become a new mantra for Apple, reintroducing the same product with a few changes. One of which may or may not be a change in the display.

In the case of the “new fourth generation iPad” there are very few differences. Compared to the iPad 3 (the new iPad) introduced just 7 months earlier, here are some of the significant changes and non-changes.

Display resolution: unchanged

Connector: 30 pin standard to the new lightning connector (8 pin reversible)

Core chip: A5X updated to A6X

Graphics core: Dual core to Quad core

Battery power: unchanged

Pricing: unchanged

Cellular: “4G” upgraded to LTE

So it is essentially the same iPad, with an updated chip and the new connector.

iPad with Retina display dimensions

iPad mini dimensions

Height:7.87 inches (200 mm)Width:5.3 inches (134.7 mm)Depth:0.28 inch (7.2 mm)Weight:0.68 pound (308 g)

The one with cellular access is 4 grams heavier.

5 steps to setting up a new iPhone 5 in pictures

Dimensions of the iPhone 5

The new iPhone 5 was released today. After months of speculation and leaks, today the leaks were. Here are the dimensions along with photos from all sides. Both for the black and for the white phone.

Click on the image to view it in full size.



iPhone 5 may have a fingerprint scanner for a Home button

This will eliminate the home button as we know it. Now, of course, this is just rumour. This is based on Apple’s acquisition of Authentec last month.

It might be too soon to incorporate that into the iPhone 5 that could very well be announced next week. It is certainly reasonable to expect that before Apple paid 350 million for the company it would have tried out the products very diligently. So yes, it is kind of possible.

I don’t know whether the finger print scanner will come this year or next. The scanner itself is not new technology. In fact, I have seen HP PDAs in 2002 that had the fingerprint scanner built right in for logging in using Windows CE software. So it wouldn’t be all that difficult to get in.

The implications in 2012, though, are tremendous. Each finger can be used to launch a special app. For example, the index finger can be used to launch email, the ring finger to make payments to NFC terminals, etc.

Quick, I want to take a picture with my iPhone

Now it is easy and fast to take a photo from your iPhone. The camera app is accessible right from your lock screen! Just touch the camera icon and drag your finger to the top. It will fee like you are opening the camera.

Here’s another tip. Once you have the camera open, and you turn it to landscape mode, try to make the volume buttons be on the top right. This way you dont have to fiddle with trying to touch the “shoot” button on the screen. You can just press one of the volume buttons to click – just like a regular camera.

Many people think that only the volume-up button works. Not true. Both the buttons work.

Do you want to place the camera on a solid surface to avoid jitter and shake? No problem, you can connect your headphones and remotely click the camera without shaking it by pressing the mike on your head phones.

And finally while we are still on the topic of the lock screen… Almost all of us who put a picture of a loved one on the home screen use one where they are smiling or otherwise exhibiting joy. Try one where they are not smiling. If you love them, the picture will look really cute.

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